rotating image 1 PI-CSC Five-year Science Agenda

Development of this science agenda began in March 2013, soon after the permanent Director was aboard. An extensive review of climate-related biophysical literature helped identify and sort major issues, separating those already well-served by other programs and those that presented opportunities for the PI-CSC to help advance knowledge and potentially fill gaps. In May 2013, the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (with representatives from the Federal, state and local government) gave input in identifying both high-priority issues as well as possible future directions. Throughout the summer, input was also collected from nongovernmental stakeholders and managers of relevant programs, as well as cultural and scientific professionals from the university consortium and partner government agencies and local institutions. During this process, several major science needs repeatedly emerged and, thus, were integrated into four Science Themes for this agenda. After substantial feedback on a first draft, the final agenda was presented to the PI-CSC stakeholders. With their concurrence, the Science Agenda was provided to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and received approval in December 2013. This deliberate development process resulted in the creation of a regionally relevant and effective science agenda. It is recognized that the agenda is a living document, and opportunities to review and update are anticipated.

The four Science Themes being addressed at the PI-CSC through funded research are:

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